WTF is humble?

humble ventures is a venture development firm helping diverse founders and founders building solutions for diverse audiences.

Quotes on our site
From time to time, we update the site with things that people say that are representative of the humble ventures ethos. We don’t take credit for the work of others. If you said something we like, and we repeated it, you got name-checked. We’d appreciate it if y’all luminaries were cool about it and didn’t try to sue the fuck out of us for dapping you up. If you really have a problem with anything we’ve said, hit us @ hello@starthumble.com.

You mean you’re not a clothing company?
Nope. We help founders develop businesses.

Why are you selling merch?
Because people dig our shit. It ain’t for everyone, and that’s okay too. But if it represents how you live, then we are happy to rock with you.

So if I buy any humble tee I’m helping to fund startups? Does all my money go to the cause?
Nope. If you buy a classic humble tee you’re helping to keep the humble storefront up and running (nothing in life is free except your mother’s love)
If you buy a limited edition humble X Republic tee then 100% of the profit is invested in a startup or a group of startups with a founder from an underrepresented group on the Republic platform.

How are you defining “underrepresented” founders?
At humble, we define underrepresented founders as women, BIPOC, LGBTQ, or veteran. In the past, we’ve worked with founders in all of these groups and we intend to continue funding them with these proceeds.

So if I’m a white, male, cisgender founder, can I be down with humble?
Yup. Buy a shirt. Hell, buy five. Or support the underrepresented founders with humble X Republic limited edition tees.

humble works with diverse founders and founders building solutions for diverse audiences. We’re always down to talk to you about your company. You can hit us up at start@humble.vc. That said, we won’t be investing t-shirt fund proceeds in your business. That’s not how we roll.

For the Republic Limited Edition Tees, how do I know that the money is invested?
We invest profits from humble shirts in batches. The profits from each batch are invested in a company or companies that we select. All companies we invest in have diverse founding teams. The companies are all raising funds on the Republic platform. Republic is a platform allowing companies to crowd-fund investment rounds up to $1M. Companies on the Republic platform have limited fundraising windows. If you email us your receipt we will be able to tell you which company or companies your tee shirt purchase is backing. Some people like anonymity, and our limited edition tees are a great way to support these companies without all the self promotion. But if you want to know, and to track the company's progress, just reach out to us at hello@starthumble.com
Delivery and Supply Chain
As of June 1, 2020, Delivery times are averaging about 3 weeks from date of order. We will continue to update the delivery timeline as things begin to return to normal.